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Snowballs and Sorcery is an adventure game for iOS and Windows that looks like a comic, but mashes together aspects of top-down action RPGs and text-based adventure games to create a unique new game experience. In this schoolyard snowball fight recast as an epic fantasy adventure, players solve puzzles and level-up their character’s abilities by switching between the two game modes.


In the world of Snowballs and Sorcery, the seventh-graders are Giants, and kindergartners are The Unclean. The school’s recycling program has spawned a tribe of immoral Scavenger-Thieves who steal anything made of plastic or wood (for the good of the planet, natch.)


Guide your character through the story, exploring the world in top-down view and solving adventure-game puzzles in comic-book style text sections. Equip hockey gloves as armour, quaff speed potions (Cola), and make allies. Use “plutonium” with “snowblower” for a weapon the likes of which the schoolyard has never seen.


It’s early days yet — the art / interface is going to change, and we’re still fleshing out story etc. But we wanted to give you a sneak peak.

Coming soon “soonish” to iOS and PC.

Snowballs and Sorcery

Coming "Soon" to PC and iOS

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